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New Construction Purchase

When it comes to buying a home, new construction can be an excellent choice for your first, second, or even third home. With so many options and decisions to consider, it’s important to think about what you truly want. Would you prefer to design and then move in, or move in and then design?

One of the key benefits of new construction is that you’ll be the first person to live in that home. While builders may promise a lot, it’s crucial to have your Agent from the Angel Home Team by your side throughout the purchasing process. Never make a new construction purchase without contacting the Angel Home Team – they will guide you every step of the way.

Looking for a home can be exciting! Knowing how much you need as a down payment can be shocking to many. Here are a few resources that may interest you. 

Purchasing Resale

When it comes to purchasing a home, whether it’s a resale home or a new model home, it can be an exciting and important decision. There are various options and decisions to consider. Are you looking for a move-in ready property, commonly referred to as turnkey, or would you prefer a property that requires some level of renovation? When purchasing a resale home, keep in mind that you will be the second, third, or even fourth owner of the property. Regardless of your choice, having an experienced agent by your side is crucial to ensure a smooth purchasing process. That’s where the Angel Home Team comes in.

Make sure to hire the Angel Home Team and contact them for all your resale home purchase needs. They will guide you through the process and provide valuable expertise every step of the way.

Don’t make the mistake of buying new construction or Resale  without their assistance – their presence is essential in ensuring a successful purchase. 

Down Payment Assistance Resources

If you’re looking to purchase a home in Maryland, look no further than Angel Home Team. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have helped countless buyers navigate the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) and achieve their dream of homeownership. Our team has partnered with reputable lenders who are committed to assisting you all the way to the settlement table.

One of the advantages of working with our lenders is their access to various grant opportunities that can be utilized alongside MMP. We have carefully vetted each lender by collaborating with them over the years, ensuring that they can provide you with the best options available. Rest assured, we will diligently assist you in finding resources for down payment assistance.

To get started on your home-buying journey, contact the Angel Home Team today. We are eager to help you secure your ideal home while making it more affordable through our lender partners and down payment assistance resources. 

Down Payment Assistance in Washington, DC

Contact the Angel Home Team for assistance in purchasing your dream home through the Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP). Our team has helped hundreds of buyers in Washington, DC achieve their goal of homeownership by providing a range of affordable programs.

We have established partnerships with reputable lenders who will guide you to the settlement table and help you access down payment assistance resources.

Rest assured, we have thoroughly vetted each lender to ensure they have extensive knowledge and access to other grant opportunities that can be used in conjunction with HPAP. Trust us to help you find the necessary funds to make your home purchase a reality.

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